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Lucinda first used Arc4Health after a major rotational fall early in 2013. All the doctors were amazed by Lucinda's speedy recovery after using the system - Lucinda was out riding again after 5 weeks of that accident, having suffered 6 broken ribs, 2 punctured lungs and a smashed up collar bone. She also used the system after breaking her arm and again made a speedier recovery than would be expected. We routinely use the ArcEquine unit on our horses to speed up recovery.


How ARC Microtech technology works:

Every cell within the body communicates

with all other cells by means of a series

of minute, cell specific, sequences of

electrical current, measured in millionths

of an amp.


These regulate what goes into and out

of every cell, and therefore allow proper

functioning of the body. If there is

disease or damage to a group of cells

then, like any conventional electrical

system, things fail to work or fail to

work properly.


If you can determine the sequence of

currents that perform particular tasks,

and re-introduce them from an external

source, this mimics the body’s endogenous

electrical circuitry and kick-starts and accelerates many of the failing metabolic processes to return to normal.


When delivered in conjunction with a formal exercise regime, microcurrent technology has been proven to restore full function to severely damaged structures in a fraction of the accepted time, reducing scar tissue and with a far better outcome.


Ian Thirkell is the man behind ArcMicrotech.  His involvement with the establishment of ArcEquine began a number of years ago and he has been at the heart of an astonishing development in the treatment of soft tissue repair.



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"I have definitely felt the benefit of ARC Microtech's microcurrent technology in speeding up my own and my horses' recovery time after injury. I highly recommend the Arc4Health and ArcEquine units to riders and their horses." Lucinda Fredericks













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