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• 99% of current users of our products would recommend Pure Feed products to their friends and family.


• 96% of current users of our products say that our feed is the most effective feed for their horse’s health they’ve ever tried.



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The Pure Feed range of feeds developed out of the enthusiasm of Lou Talintyre to find the best way to feed the 100 or so horses in her care. Lou had been looking for a feed that avoided excessive starch and sugar and was easy and economical to feed. Her goal was to feed these horses entirely with their health and welfare in mind. A feed that was high in fibre, low in starch and free from molasses, but was fortified with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals and amino acids. At the time, no such feed was available on the market.






























Lou contacted specialist Robert Fowler to help with the micro-dietary and with the aid of a concrete mixer the first batch was made. The horses loved it and so did the visiting owners who were so impressed with the health and condition of their stock, they wanted to continue to feed it on their return home.  So The Pure Feed Company was born.


The Pure Feed range covers the needs of every type of horse from the family pet right through to Olympic level horses.  The Pure Feed philosophy is that that each and every horse has the same basic nutritional needs requiring  plenty of high quality fibre, protein, as little starch and sugar as possible together with correct levels of  vitamins and minerals. What  differs between horses is simply the level of energy required according to type and frequency of  work asked of them.


The Pure Feed Company wants you to know everything  about their feeds; They are proud of them and publish the complete analysis of every feed and all the ingredients. Everything in one bag.


What Lou started back in 2005 was truly a revolution in feeding horses. She wanted a feed that fed the horse as it deserved to be fed and how it has anatomically evolved to eat. As she said to Robert on their very first meeting “ I want a feed formulated without compromise, something Pure and Simple”.




Pure Feeds offer the following advantages for your horse all in one bag:




















As Lou says “If you don’t believe

me try your horse on our feed for

just one month and let their behaviour,

condition and health do the talking”.



It's no coincidence that:




High levels of Fibre to maintain a healthy gut transit and to help the risk of gastric ulcerations.


Optimised vitamins and minerals to ensure all the dietary building blocks are provided in order to help support the immune system and overall health and performance


No molasses to reduce the risk of laminitis occurring in sensitive horses


No cereals to limit excitability and reduce the occurrence of starch related disorders such as tying up and digestive upset.


Added pre and probiotics to help keep the balance of beneficial bacteria in the hind gut at the optimum population


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“Pure Feed has been such a fantastic choice for all the horses on my yard, from foals to 4* level.   I have seen such a positive change in their attitudes including temperament, condition, stamina, trainability and general performance.  I highly recommend it.    Try it yourself and see the differences it makes to your horse”.



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